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George Hughes ( aka TipKing) is Proud and excited to Introduce

My personal collection of short books written with the knowledge and interest gained whilst building and maintaining the TipKing site 

I have found some topics quite riveting whilst working on the TipKing site and as a result I have compiled the following interesting and sometime amusing books. Please feel free to browse through these books, tell your friends and use the free information contained in them.



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Room By Room Chemical Free Cleaning
Inexpensive and Easy Solutions that you can implement throughout your home. For the fresh smell in cleaning you have been searching for while not paying out all the big bucks or ruining the environment. 

Take this opportunity to change forever your cleaning techniques. This 26,000 word electronic book will be a lifetime manual for changing the way you clean your home in over 600 ways.

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Vinegar Great Uses for Vinegar
Detailing the versatility of vinegar, this book will give you and your family the needed information to get through a hectic day with an added sense of confidence and cleanness.??From Health and Beauty to Cleaning, you can learn how to save money while using vinegar daily!
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Money Clean till it gleams
Do you lack motivation, technique or organization to the cleaning of your home. Adopting the methods suggested in  ‘clean till it gleams’ you can return your home to an organized, clean, relaxing and homely environment.

Simple techniques to effectively clean your home

A clean home is a sign of your respect for yourself and for those in your family. So make the job of cleaning your home easier with ‘Clean till it gleams’

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Stress Stress – Don’t be stressed by Stress
The curse of the 21st century stress is a part of all of our lives. This book will detail the many ways to cut stress in your life. How we manage it depends on our techniques. I overcame the way that stress was attacking my life and this book tells you how I did it. Very simple format with techniques to reduce stress and even tips to improve your sleep.
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Money Cash in a flash
If you are looking for ways to make some extra money in your neighborhood or better still trying to motivate your teenager to get out there and start earning some money for themselves.

Cash in a flash gives lists over a hundred ways for you or your teenager to get out and make some money in your local neighborhood!

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Baking Soda Resourceful and Ingenious Uses for Baking Soda
Historical tips and ideas are compiled in Resourceful & Ingenious Uses of Baking Soda so that you can bring back natural cleaning to your home while saving money for more important things you want in your life!
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Secrets of Salt
Frugal living at it’s best! The Secrets of Salt is a collection of the valuable ways that salt can impact your life – all just costing your pennies per use! From using salt for relaxation, to cleaning your kitchen, or to make your poultry taste better.

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Sweet as Honey
Honey is a gift from nature, it is a natural healer which use is quickly becoming forgotten in out hectic lifestyle. Using honey for health, beauty and cooking can make an amazing difference in your life.
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. The wonders of Duct Tape
Duct tape is one of the toughest materials you can use to repair, patch, replace and tighten with. While there are many jokes that are associated with the use of duct tape, you might be surprised just how much money you can save by using duct tape
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bags The handy plastic grocery bag
In today’s throw away world the plastic carrier bag can often become the last thing on your list of useful things in your home. This book lists hundreds of inventive, practical and thrifty ways to use, store and recycle the humble plastic carrier bag. 
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happy 52 Ways to be happy
If you are ever feeling at a loss this fun, ebook containing. 52 short, inspiring and achievable pointers to set you in the right direction when you are feeling low.

The 52 easy techniques can give you a sense of pride, enjoyment and fulfillment to your day.

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